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Long Island’s Premier Academic Championship Continues: Now in its Second Year

The American Quizbowl League will be hosting the second annual Island Cup online on three weekends during the 2020-2021 school year. All the information you need is below.


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The Island Cup will be hosted on Discord: three of our online regional tournaments will count towards the Island Cup. Specifically, our Northeast regional tournaments in October, February, and April will count towards the championship.


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The Island Cup will be using Housewritten sets of Moderate difficulty in October, February, and April. Games in October will consist of Twenty Tossups. Games in February and April will consist of 20 tossups and, possibly, bonus questions or lightning rounds, with the exact formats to be determined as the events get closer.

Teams will be fairly placed into preliminary brackets before being re-seeded for playoffs. Teams will be guaranteed a minimum of 10 games; teams will be expected to play all 10 rounds, even if you are not in contention for the championship.

Trophies will be mailed to the top 3 teams after each tournament and the very best individual with the highest average Points per Game overall.


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The fees are simple: $75 per team per tournament, with a $20 discount for each reader.

As an example, let us say you want to send two teams to each of our tournaments. You will bring one moderator each time.

You would then owe $390: $130 for each tournament ($75 for the first team, $75 for the second team, and -$20 for the moderator) times three.

We can process checks, purchase orders, PayPal, Venmo, and Credit Cards. We are happy to provide a W-9 and/or an invoice on request. Please make out checks to “American Quizbowl League”. You can mail checks, POs, and any other paperwork to P.O. Box 205, Nesconset, NY 11767.

Payment is due one week prior to each event.


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In order to register, fill out this form, selecting the October, February, and/or April tournaments under the Northeast region selection.

Once you receive a confirmation from us, you are officially registered.

You may sign up for any number of the three tournaments, but if you skip a tournament, it is highly unlikely that you will win the Island Cup.

Please ensure that you register prior to the day of the tournament!

Island Cup:

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All teams, regardless of location, are eligible for the Island Cup, which will be presented at the close of the third tournament to the team with the most wins over the three tournaments. There will also be a prize for the top Long Island team, defined as Nassau and Suffolk counties, and top individuals overall. Current standings will be posted on this page after each tournament.

Last season’s champion was Kellenberg Memorial High School from Uniondale, followed by North Babylon High School.


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There are a maximum of 6 players per team, four of whom may play at once. If you wish to bring more players than that, please register additional teams. There are no exceptions to this rule. Teams may play short, with one player as a minimum. Nobody may switch teams during the tournament, such as from “A” to “B” or otherwise.

The field is capped at 36 teams for each tournament. You will be placed onto a waitlist if you miss the cutoff and will enter the field as teams drop or the field expands (if there is enough interest, we guarantee that the field will expand).

We are happy to allow pseudonymous teams and teams not directly sponsored by their district to register. However, we do have certain requirements for these teams, so please contact us via phone or email prior to registration and we will be happy to work with you.

It is not mandatory for a coach, parent, or adult to attend with their team.


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Full and complete team and individual statistics will be posted within 48 hours after the completion of the tournament.

Please let us know if you have any further questions!