Resources for Quizbowl

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There are dozens of resources for studying Quizbowl exist all over the Internet. We've picked the cream of the crop for your perusal.

General Resources

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The Quizbowl Resource Center

Hosted by the Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence, or PACE, the site contains a list of upcoming in-person tournaments for each state, a large archive of questions, and a forum where Quizbowlers of all stripes and skill levels connect.

The Quizbowl Wiki

A somewhat tongue-in-cheek and occasionally hilarious compilation of data about teams, tournaments, star players, strategy, and all kinds of Quizbowl-related content.

PACE's Quizbowl 101

An introduction to the game's mechanics for new teams.

Social Media

There are dozens of Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, Discord servers, and so on related to Quizbowl; we leave you to find those on your own.

Question Databases and Readers

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The Quizbowl Packet Archive

An archive of all free packets since the 1990s. Great for practice material. For recommendations, check out our “practice questions” link above.


A searchable question database: excellent for studying. The random question function can help you learn new things before they come up. The founder (Raynor) wishes it existed when he was in High School, as it would have made his life far easier.

Quizbug II

A simple question reader which you can also use to study, though it can be tough to use.


A more advanced searchable question database. We don’t recommend using it until you’ve gained some Quiz Bowl experience.


An online question reader where you can compete against other players. Unless you like internet trolls (or want to become one), we recommend you stay away from the other players and make your own “room”. It’s not very good for studying, but is very good for checking your progress and seeing what you can remember in real time. It’s also a lot of fun.

Study Resources

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A fantastic place to search for new information.

The Stanford Culture Guide Index

An incredibly in-depth guide to just about everything that will ever come up in Quiz Bowl, both high school and college. As that may suggest, it is absolutely gigantic, so we don’t recommend using it until you’ve gained quite a bit of experience or you may become quickly overwhelmed.

NAQT You Gotta Know

These are lists of frequently asked topics in specific categories, which can help answer the question “What should I study for Quiz Bowl?”


If you're the type who really loves to use flashcards to study, you can use Anki to make it significantly more effective and easier. If you're not the type who uses flashcards, it's pretty useless.

Your local Library

Your local library can provide you with all the textbooks your heart desires, which are always an excellent source for Quizbowl.

Project Gutenberg;

If you're looking for classic literature to read, look no further. Both sites contain thousands of free ebooks and PDFs of classic works.